Our first 1st day of school


This year Lydia went to Preschool!! She attending Lake Area Discovery Center at our church on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:15a-11:45a. So far she really seems to like it!

She did have a little accident on her first day of school. We are hoping it was just the new schedule that kinda messed things up. But she’s been good since then.

Today they got to celebrate her birthday at pre-school. She brought in Rice Krispie Bars to share with her class.

Lydia turned 3 this past Friday, September 5th. We had a birthday party for at a park in Forest Lake with family and neighbors. It was a little chilly out, but the kids were running around the whole time it didn’t seem to bother them at all. She wanted a Sofia the First themed birthday. We had a cake with Sofia on it. She got a Sofia costume and coloring books and toys. She was on cloud nine! The next morning she woke up asking for more presents.

So now she is 3 she has decided to turn on the “terrible twos”. She was good up until a week ago she decided to not listen or say no to everything or, my favorite, “in a minute”. She is also refusing to sleep in her bed and only wants to sleep in our bed – which is driving me and Dustin nuts! We bought her a new nightlight hoping that would do the trick…it did for one night. She wants to be carried everywhere has had a meltdown at least once a day. I am hoping this is a phase and it will pass…eventually.


Lydia's birthday hat from Preschool

Lydia’s birthday hat from Preschool



Do I know you?


So, I wrote this on August 18,2014. I’m clearly bad about posting them. I was waiting to add pictures. Here it is a month later and I’m just adding pictures. I will try to stay on top of this from here on out (as if you haven’t heard that before from me)

Me and the girls at the Perch Extravaganza on Mille Lakes

Me and the girls at the Perch Extravaganza on Mille Lakes

Gordie: Mickey's a mouse, Donald's a duck, Pluto's a dog. What's Goofy? Teddy: He's a dog, he's definitely a dog... Chris: He can't be a dog, he wears a hat and drives a car... Vern: Yeah, that is weird. What the hell is Goofy?

Gordie: Mickey’s a mouse, Donald’s a duck, Pluto’s a dog. What’s Goofy? Teddy: He’s a dog, he’s definitely a dog… Chris: He can’t be a dog, he wears a hat and drives a car… Vern: Yeah, that is weird. What the hell is Goofy?

Ivy 8 months old

Ivy 8 months old


Whoa! Time has gotten away from me! I didn’t realize I’ve been MIA since January. Time to play catch up.

I think this goes without saying : life with 2 kids has been a bit more busy. But I’m honestly enjoying 99% of it 🙂 Of course there are those days/moments that you just want to curl up in your bed and just be alone. Let me try to recap the past 7 months :

In February we went to the cabin for an ice fishing tournament. The girls did pretty well that day! Ivy slept most of the day while being passed around to whoever was available to clip on the baby Bjorn she was in. It didn’t phase her all.

March. Well, I don’t know if we did anything of significance in March. Just trying to survive the awful winter we were experiencing.

Lydia was excited to finally get outside on any nice day. She enjoyed jumping in water puddles on our walks. We celebrated Easter at my Grandpa’s house. There was a little easter egg hunt for the great grand children (there are now 9 great grand children on my dad’s side!). It’s always nice to see them and have the kids play together. When then headed over to Dustin’s aunt and uncles house for dinner and another easter egg hung for the younger cousins and great grand children. I think I remember Ivy being good that day. This was before the teething began…

Sometime this Spring we got Lydia potty trained! The most frustrating and rewarding thing we’ve done with her. We have been working at it for months and months and we were told that she won’t do it unless she is ready. I whole heartedly believe that. It was a Friday night and the 4 of us were playing outside as it was a nice warm night. Out of nowhere, Yaya said she had to go potty. I rushed her inside and put her on her princess potty and she went! Ever since then, she has been doing great! She’s had a couple of night time accidents as well as day time accidents. But she’s doing great!

For Mother’s Day, our family of 4 went to brunch. Not good. The girls did not want to sit still. They were being super loud in a room that echoed. Normally, it would not bother me. But that day we just ate and left right away. Good thing it was a buffet! On Mother’s day this year, Ivy was 11 months old. Time has been going by so fast lately!

June – the big 1 year birthday part for Ivy! We combined the birthday part with nephew, who turned 1 two days after Ivy. We celebrated at my parents house as it was a nice day and that way the pool could be utilized. It turned out to be a perfect day. The kids seemed to enjoy themselves. We tried to make it Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed – but we aren’t super creative so the only thing they had that was related to that were the mouse ears. Oh well, we tried 🙂 On Ivy’s actual birthday, June 11, I took the girls to White Bear Lake and met Dustin’s parents for dinner (Dustin had to work) and brought them to Cup ‘N Cone for ice cream. Needless to say, that was Ivy’s favorite part. At the end of June, I accepted another job closer to home. It was a hard thing to leave my first job. I have made lasting friendships there and it is always hard to start something new; walking into the unknown. But so far, it seems like a great fit.

For the 4th of July the last 6-7 years or so, we’ve been spending it at the cabin. Right before we left, Lydia got an ear infection. The Amoxicillin seemed to do the trick. The day we left to head up north, Ivy was drooling uncontrollably and had a slight fever. I just thought it was teething. Oh no. She had Hand Foot Mouth disease! That is the absolute worse thing I have dealt with my kids to date. There is absolutely nothing you can do. It can last up to 6 days and after their fever breaks, they start to get blisters. Ivy had the blisters on her hand and feet – Really bad. So bad, we are still feeling the repercussions today. She has lost both her thumb nails due to the blisters getting under her nails. It looks like she might lose a toe nail and also a finger nail. It doesn’t seem to bother her at least. On July 4th, she seemed to be getting better. She was laughing and eating again. BUT – Lydia got the fever and couldn’t swallow. F! Now SHE has Hand Foot Mouth Disease. Except, her blisters appeared in her mouth so she didn’t want to eat or drink anything. On top of that, she started to have this rash all over her body. So I brought her to the Urgency Room; low and behold, she does in fact have Hand Foot Mouth but also having an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin she is taking for the ear infection! It was one of the worst weeks I can remember. Good thing I had that week off before I started my new job.

August has been a busy month for me. Dustin and I both had bachelor/bachelorette parties to attend the first weekend of August. Luckily, his was on Sunday so I was able to make it home Sunday morning to watch the girls. I was also in Portland and Chicago for work. I had our co-ed softball tournament, which we won! Then this coming weekend we are headed up north to Craigun’s Resort in Brainerd for Dustin’s cousin’s wedding that he is in on Friday night. We are going to make a little family vacation out of the trip with Dustin’s parents so we will be there until Monday. On Monday, I have to fly out again for another work trip to New York City until Thursday morning. I can’t believe it’s will be the end of the month soon! The State Fair is coming up and we always like to go there at least once. So I’m sure we will head there. Then it’s Lydia’s 3rd birthday! YES – I said 3rd. She is going to be 3! Where did my baby girl go?


My best friend from childhood just had her first baby girl last night! I am beyond excited for Angie and Blake. They are going to make excellent parents to Madison Marie. (Although, it has given me baby fever…not good. I just started a new job.)


Ivy & Levi’s Baptism


Dustin and I with Ivy

Ivy and Levi were baptized on the same day. I’m sure there will be a lot of these occasions for these two.

They were baptized on Sunday, October 6. It was a simple service that my family, Dustin’s family and my brother-in-law Luke’s family attended. Afterwards, everybody came to our house to celebrate. Both babies were good! No crying, Ivy even had smiles!


Kanewischer Family


Falck Family

Boring Life



Ivy is 5 months old today!!

She has been fighting a cold for the past week and a half. Lydia also had a cold, but hers only lasted a few days. I’m not sure where they contracted it from. I just hate seeing sick babies 😦

Ivy has been spitting up a lot – I don’t remember Lydia spitting up this much. We’re starting to introduce rice cereal to her, the first time she tried it – she gagged! Hopefully she will adjust to it and it will help her not spit up so much. She is such a peanut! She was smaller in weight than Lydia at her 4 month check up but taller! (This will happen a lot – Ivy and Levi getting compared : at 4 months Ivy was 13.5 pounds and 25 inches long. Levi was also 25 inches long, but almost 18 pounds! He’s not a fat boy, just thick.)


Ivy is loving her tummy time – she is getting so strong. She doesn’t like being being in her Jenny Jump Up or the Bouncer for very long. She always spits up when she’s in sitting in those 😦

Lydia is getting too smart for her own good. But yet, she wasn’t nothing to do with potty training. She knows when she needs a diaper change – she will ask us to change her diaper. It’s getting very frustrating. She starting picking her nose (she did NOT get that from me, eh-hem Dustin…). She will cover her eyes when we tell her not to because she doesn’t think we can see her because she can’t see us.

Lydia went as a princess for Halloween. I made her costume – it wasn’t the best thing ever, but she loved it! AND I forgot to take a picture – so good thing my sister was being a good aunty and took one 🙂


Not much new has been going on with our family – just getting ready for the holidays. I wish I had something exciting to write about, life with 2 daughters has been crazy and fun and overwhelming and full of love – all at the same time. I wouldn’t change anything!


Ivy & Levi : they will be best friends one day

Terrible Two’s?


It’s a real thing!

I thought that it was just a made up thing – oh no! I swear, it was the day after Lydia’s 2nd birthday and she was just TERRIBLE! And it’s been getting worse since!

For Lydia’s 2nd birthday we just had our immediate family’s over for dinner and cake and ice cream the night before her actual birthday. It was nice celebrating with just our family in our new home. I think she really enjoyed her birthday – I felt like she was really into her presents and understood that she needed to blow out her candles.

On her actual birthday, Dustin and I brought her to the Mall of America. We met my mom and sister Molly and Levi there. Lydia LOVES looking at the American Girl magazines at my parents house – so my mom bought her an American Baby that she names Sophia (after Sophia the First, a show on the Disney Channel). She loves it – it goes just about everywhere with her. She also went to Lego land – which she recently started to enjoy when my mom pulled out the box of Lego’s that my sisters and I played with when we were young. She was a kid in heaven at MOA.

THEN the terrible-ness began. I don’t know if it’s her wanting to be independent, but everything we ask her to do is “NO!” or she will put up a fit. I WANT her to be independent, but I also want her to listen to us. It’s the not listening part that bothers me the most! I do not have the patience for that – and I think she knows that. She will also just say “Mom Momma Mom Mommy Momma” over and over and over again. Just because. Not because she wants anything. She is learning fast at what buttons to push to get under my skin.

I just need the terrible twos to be over with!

(sidenote – Yaya is Lydia’s nickname. She can’t say “Lydia”, instead she says “Yaya”)


Lydia with her baby Sophia from the American Girl store.


The new Family of 4 celebrating Lydia’s 2nd birthday with our immediate families


Lydia’s actual birthday – ice cream with 2 candles.


She could have gone on this over and over and over. Yaya loved the horsies.


Yaya with the new baby Sophia. Gramma even bought her the same jammies.



Life with 2 girls has been a blessing and a challenge. Ivy is a typical newborn – eat, sleep, poop, cry. She is up about every 3 to 3.5 hours during the night. An adjustment to the nights we’ve been sleeping through. Lydia is in her princess bedroom – that we finally got painted and everything put together for her big girl room. We painted it Cinderella Blue – it’s the color of Cinderella’s dress. She has a pink princess bedspread and Disney Princess wall decals on her walls — which, by the way, she goes “Ooooo” every time she goes in her room because she loves seeing the princesses on her walls.

But, life with Lydia has been the biggest challenge. She hasn’t been getting 100% of our attention since Ivy’s been born – and she’s been doing things to get it. For example : the other day when she was in her crib for a nap (yes, she still takes naps in her crib because all she does in her room is play and wouldn’t sleep), she took off her shorts and her diaper! Thank goodness she did not pee or poop in the crib! She also has not been listening too well. I know she can hear us but either doesn’t acknowledge up or she will turn and walk the other direction. When patience for that has been very low, which I’m sure she’s not use to. She will also cry when Ivy is crying. She will lay down next to Ivy when I’m changing her diaper and say “poop” so I also change Lydia’s diaper (we have been starting to get her potty trained – which is going to be another challenge in of itself).

Lydia loves Ivy. Every morning she asks for ‘Baby’ and wants to hold her. She gives Ivy a ton of kisses and tries to help out all the time.

Here are some pictures of Ivy and Lydia :




1 month old!


Girls play while Daddy’s at work


Lydia trying to hold Ivy. Lydia’s happy and Ivy’s not crying. The pictures a success in my opinion.


Levi, Lydia and Ivy at the cabin on the 4th of July


Cousins : Alton, Leighton and Lydia at the cabin